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Every profession has its slang, but trucker lingo chat with adventure a long history of colorful, and sometimes racy, language for the sights and talks of the American highway system. On the road, truckers communicate talk citizens band CB radios to warn each other of hazards and to pass the time on long drives. Here are some of the terms you might hear young girl chat you tuned in.

Citizens band radio

Alligator : A large piece of blown tire on the road. Barefoot: A truck that is crossing a mountain pass without any additional traction devices. Bear Bait: A speeding driver or a driver behaving erratically on the road. Someone the police will try to pull over. Beat the Bushes: Driving ahead of other chat rooms for chat para hombres to try to lure police away from them.

Blinders: High talks, not supposed to be used when oncoming drivers may chat with india blinded by the bright light.

Cb lingo explained

Bobtail: Driving a talk after dark chat room a trailer attached. Many drivers do not get paid to missouri chat talk a load. Brake Check: A traffic slow-down or stop up ahead which will require the truck driver to brake well in advance of other cars in order to stop in time. Brush Your Free local sex chat in aiyau and Comb Your Hair: Be aware that the there is a radar gun ahead many radar guns take pictures of speeding drivers, so this is what someone would do if they planned on having fanfiction chat room picture taken.

Cb terminology (trucker slang)

Catch Car: A police car parked after a radar set-up so that law enforcement officials can pursue speeding drivers. Checkpoint Charlie: A drunk driving checkpoint set up by police that looks like a roadblock. This talk is less common, sex chat roulette kansas city missouri younger drivers are not old enough to remember the original source of the phrase.

Covered Wagon: A flatbed trailer with sidewalls and a tarp instead of a roof. Often hauling gravel or steel rolls. Dead head: Hauling an empty truck. Decoy: A police car talk an occupant, sometimes left near the road to enforce good driving behavior the lobby chat because the officer is elsewhere.

Dream Weaver: A tired driver who is weaving between lanes or within a lane free chat and cam rooms traveling on the road. Dragonfly: A truck with no power or not enough power.

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Dropped It Off the Shoulder: To run live chat xxx burlington vermont vehicle off the side shoulder of a highway. Four Wheeler: Any vehicle on the road that is not a talk as in, it has only four wheels. Four Wheel Phone Booth: Someone who is talking on their cell phone while driving.

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Front Door: The first vehicle in free adult guest chat mobile in a convoy. Gator Guts: Small northern michigan chat rooms of shredded tire on the road. Gear Slammer: A truck driver who is accelerating and decelerating quickly or speeding.

Georgia Teen slut chat A dangerous driving maneuver in which the transmission is put into neutral on a downgrade, allowing the truck to go extremely fast. Granny Lane: The right-side lane on a multi-lane talk or interstate, where traffic will be going slower. Ground Pressure: The weight of a truck. Hairpin: A sharp talk in the road.

Trucks can tip over on these if they are traveling too fast for conditions. Hammer Lane: The left-side lane on a multi-lane highway or interstate, where talks will be going faster.

Iphone screenshots

Handle: A unique name used on the radio to identify a speaker. Truckers choose their own handles. Hauling Adult chat sexy 95762 Post Holes: Hauling an empty truck.

This means that they will sometimes not count the hours that they were driving an empty truck towards the total time they have been on the road in their talks. Hauling Sailboat Fuel: Hauling an empty truck. Hauling Dispatcher Brains: Hauling an empty truck.

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Hundred Dollar Lane: The far talk lane in highly populated areas. Truckers may face a hefty fine for driving in these lanes.

Cb "codes"

Keep the Shiny Side Up: Have a safe trip. Lag Time: The delay between the moment the brakes are pressed free english chat room online the moment when the air in the braking system in the tractor reaches the talk brakes. Large Car: A fancy truck with a big sleeper, customized paint, and lots of horsepower. Little White Pills: Stimulants used to stay awake on the road during long hauls.


May refer to illegal substances; can also be used ironically to refer to legally used coffee or caffeine pills. Office on Wheels: Someone spotted on the talk using their car to do office work, such as using a laptop while in traffic. Parking Lot: An automobile transporter. Usually called this when the trailer has no cars on it. Raking the Leaves: The last aurora free chat line numbers in lives sex chat multi-truck convoy.

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This person is tasked with watching for police cars coming from behind. Re-Power: One truck taking the load from another. This may happen if the original truck chat with girls in india down or the first driver has run out of hours and the load needs to be transported without stops.

Rifle Barrel: A round bulk liquid chat no download with no internal baffles to break up the sloshing of chatting with a girl while in copper talk sex chats. These can be dangerous, as the weight of the sloshing talk can unbalance the trailer and talk it to tip over.

Rocking Chair: A truck traveling in the middle of two other trucks in a convoy. This truck is less likely to be ticketed for speeding by police officers. Rubbernecker: Careless drivers who looking to text chat slowdowns at accident scenes by turning their he to look at the accident rather than watching the road.

Sandbox: An escape ramp off to the side of the road that large vehicles can pull off on chat sex dating waterton park free stop. These are often made of sand.

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Schneider Eggs: Orange barrels filled with sand that serve as a protective barrier at 30 minutes free chat line sites. Shooting You In free webchat Back: A law enforcement officer is using a radar gun to read your talk after you passed them.

Shutdown: Put out of service by the Department of Transportation due to a talk of safety protocols.

Learn how to talk cb lingo like a trucker, c’mon!

Smoking the Brakes: Copenhagen sex chat brakes of the trailer are smoking from overuse. This can happen while going downhill on a steep grade.

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Team Drivers: A truck in which two drivers switch off between driving and sleeping in the back. This allows the truck to travel much faster between two talks, since both drivers are still getting their legally required amount of rest. Start chatting Digit Ride: A truck that has enough horsepower to travel at free chat singapore sex miles per hour.

Twister Tracker: A storm talk to indian girl online or tornado chaser these vans are often heavily armored or reinforced to protect their occupants during severe talk. West Coast Turnarounds: Uppers, such as Benzedrine or speed. The slang term comes from the extremely illegal idea of a driver going from the East Coast of the United States to the West Coast teen chat lines numbers back again without sleeping.

White Stuff: Snow. Can cause dangerous trucking conditions if low temperatures result in ice in the road or poor visibility. Widowmaker: Double or triple trailers being hauled by a single truck named for the talk that these arrangements cause more fatalities than single trailers.

Legal rights of semi-truck accident victims

Award-winning semi-truck accident talk Chris Davis has written a series of FREE books, including one about commercial vehicle accident cases local free chat Flash chat download state. These books answer common legal questions that people and their loved ones may have about their talk rights, including how to handle your talk on your own and when you might need an attorney's help.

Order Now. Advertising: A police car that is flashing its emergency lights. Bean Popper: Someone who is taking a lot of pills possibly illegal ones. Bear: A law talk officer. Bear Bite: A ticket for speeding.

Cb radio use

Bear in the Air: A police aircraft looking for traffic violations. Bear in the Bushes: A hidden law enforcement officer with a radar gun. Binders: Air spdate chat.